WATCH NOW YOU SEE ME ONLINE FREE & DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE Some movies want all the glory without having to put in the hard work. Much of the fun of a good twist ending - just like the fun of a good magic trick – comes not just from the payoff, but from all the effort that’s been put in to make the pay off work. And when you don’t put in the effort, when you just throw things together and assume just shouting “twist!” at the end is good enough? Then you’ve got Now You See Me.


WATCH NOW YOU SEE ME ONLINE FREE & DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE That said, if you’re making a movie about a team of magicians you can’t really go wrong with this particular cast. First we have large-scale illusionist J. Daniel Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg), who’s both a bit of a tool and a bit of a ladies man. Then there’s escape artist Henley Reeves (Isla Fisher), who has a bit of a past with Atlas (she was his former assistant), so already we’ve got the team leader and his romantic interest. As far as the young up-and-comer goes, enter slight-of-hand expert Jack Wilder (Dave Franco) who makes his living on the streets. And as no team is complete without the grizzled veteran, enter mentalist Merritt McKinney (Woody Harrelson), who uses his mind-reading abilities both to entertain and to blackmail cheating husbands.

WATCH NOW YOU SEE ME ONLINE FREE & DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE This film’s first smart move comes after our somewhat generic quartet each receive a mysterious tarot card directing them to the same dingy apartment. Clearly a team-up is ahead, but before our four supposed leads get to do much more than stand around looking confused we jump forward a year to see them appearing on a Vegas stage as “The Four Horsemen” putting on an act that ends with them sending a Frenchman to his bank vault in Paris and looting it of three million Euros. How’d they do it? We have no idea, as from here on in the story’s told largely from the point of view of FBI agent Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo), who gets both the case and the attractive Interpol agent (Mélanie Laurent) that comes with it.

WATCH NOW YOU SEE ME ONLINE FREE & DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE The questions come thick and fast. If how they managed to rob the bank is actually fairly easy to solve, the why remains a mystery. And while they’re clearly up to something big, how involved is their mysterious and extremely wealthy benefactor (Michael Caine)? When a professional debunker (Morgan Freeman) arrives on the scene he promises Rhodes access to the Four Horsemen’s secrets, but is he with them or against them? And if The Four Horseman’s second big show involves an even bigger crime, how do they even expect to make it to their third and final performance?


WATCH NOW YOU SEE ME ONLINE FREE & DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE None of this stuff stands up to a moment’s reflection, but the whole film is one headlong rush that moves so fast the plot holes aren’t really noticeable until you’re on your way home. It’s actually extremely well crafted, but all that craft has gone into hiding the fact that the various twists and mysteries don’t make any sense. Forget coming up with a solid plot; this is all about having cool things (including at least three chases sequences) happen then throwing out some half-baked explanation before rushing to the next cool thing. Just about every scene is set up so there’s meant to be at least two things going on at once – every conversation is almost always hiding some kind of manipulation under the surface – and with a cast this good that kind of structure gives everyone plenty of opportunities to shine.

WATCH NOW YOU SEE ME ONLINE FREE & DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE This is a film far more interested in making a movie that’s “magic” than actually dealing with stage tricks and illusions, which means that just about all the magic on display here is either done with CGI or just made up entirely. Want to know how McKinney’s mentalism works? Good luck: it’s basically a superpower that allows him to read minds and hypnotise people. Somehow being a slight-of-hand expert also makes Wilder some kind of martial arts master, and at least two of Atlas’ large scale illusions are the kind of thing that wouldn’t actually fool anyone. But as they’re revealed to us as explanations for impossible stuff that’s already happened, it doesn’t matter – we just want to get to the next trick.

WATCH NOW YOU SEE ME ONLINE FREE & DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE By the time the shock twist ending comes around there’s been so many twists and turns nothing seems out of the question, though the enormity - and stupidity - of the ending certainly tries to send jaws dropping. The real surprise with this generally fun and entertaining film is that it’s so firmly and consistently about taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor (whose money it usually was in the first place). Seeing a blockbuster willing to take a real swipe at the 1% is rare; here it gives this feather-light romp just enough of a real-world grounding to stop it from floating away all together.