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The rights were eventually won by Brad Pitt's production company, Plan B. After a long, expensive production fraught with problems, a very different version of the book comes to the screen.

The most interesting thing about World War Z is not the film but the story of its making.

It was made by committee with a pissed-off director and a nervous studio, which results in an uneven, unnecessarily expensive hodgepodge.


IWATCH WORLD WAR Z ONLINE FREE DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE t's sometimes more thoughtful than your average summer blockbuster and Pitt does well in the lead, but there's something ponderous and dull about this one- man race to save the world from the undead.

Pitt plays Gerry Lane, a former UN employee who is driving his family to school one morning when all hell breaks loose and the streets of Philadelphia are taken over by angry, starving zombies.

They're the victims of a strange disease that quickly decimates the populations of most of the world's major cities.

WATCH WORLD WAR Z ONLINE FREE DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE Recruited by his former boss Thierry Umutoni (Mokoena), Lane must leave his family on an aircraft carrier and make a journey that will take him from Korea to Jerusalem and finally to Wales as he tries to find the source of the zombie virus in an effort to develop an antidote.

By the time he arrives in Wales, he has run from zombies in the dark in Korea, watched them climb the walls of Jerusalem and survived a gruesome plane crash.

While there are a few satisfyingly jumpy zombie shocks, and it is nice to see a film about the end of the world that doesn't restrict itself to New York or Washington DC, World War Z lacks focus.


It often feels downbeat and unsure of itself as it drags to a muffled conclusion. Rather than the story of one man's desperate attempt to save his family and humanity from a zombie plague, the film ends up feeling more like a strange advert for the UN. In the case of the zombie genre, it seems that bigger is not necessarily better.

WATCH WORLD WAR Z ONLINE FREE DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE Another day, another zombie flick – albeit a bigger budget one with A-list bells on. In this adaptation of Max Brooks's cult novel, Brad Pitt plays an ex-UN investigator sent to seek out the source of an undead plague that has ravaged the Earth, causing the warm-blooded to scuttle to sea, or flee to the remote wilds of Nova Scotia.

World War Z
Production year: 2013
Countries: Rest of the world, USA
Cert (UK): 15
Runtime: 116 mins
Directors: Marc Forster
Cast: Brad Pitt, David Morse, James Badge Dale, Matthew Fox, Mireille Enos
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Unlike George Romero's lumbering corpses, these zombies boast the fleet-footedness of Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead reboot, and the shaki-cam craziness of Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later... There's some cross-infection too from Steven Soderbergh's Contagion, with which this shares its fears of accelerated global transmission. The opening is bravura fare, as the running (rather than walking) dead take unexpectedly to the streets, swarming like ants across a landscape littered with fragments of the source novel's socio-political satire (Israel protects itself with a massive wall, North Korea starts pulling out teeth).

WATCH WORLD WAR Z ONLINE FREE DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE Yet somewhere the film loses its nerve – and its bite – settling for disparate grand-scale set pieces (every time director Marc Forster shouted "Action", presumably a producer shouted "More action!") and episodic globe-trotting plot-points, before finding its way to a medical centre in Wales (really) for an oddly old-fashioned third act replete with men in white coats and glowering British TV stalwarts. Amid all the tales of spiralling budgets and extensive reshoots, it's hard not to conclude that whatever heart the project may once have had has been bypassed, leaving a raggedy assortment of body parts; expensively assembled, but lacking a sustaining pulse.