FullHD1x1: Tattoo Titans Episode 1 Watch Online Free Its characters too, even the weirdoes and the brutes, were charismatically written and performed. Moss was so convincing as Robin it'll be harder to shake the image of her in a puffa jacket and hoodie come the next season of Mad Men than it was the other way around six weeks ago. Peter Mullan's performance, it goes without saying these days, was flawless, while David Wenham carried Al's hidden depravity with horrible charm from start to finish. Holly Hunter, as Matt Mitchum mirror GJ (both powerful, antagonistic and in this episode at least, practically sharing the same dialogue), was barely there, but held your focus for every second of her screentime.


FullHD1x1: Tattoo Titans Episode 1 Watch Online Free One of the drama's coups was its repositioning of gender and sexuality in crime TV. Unlike so much else we see, its nudity was male and female, rarely titillating, sometimes comic and often banal. The fact I even registered my pleasure at Robin being a female law enforcer who didn't stalk around her apartment wearing tiny knickers and holding a big gun just shows how engrained the clich�s of women in crime TV drama are. Not that Top of the Lake was perfect on that front � Robin's rape, though well-woven into the plot threads, is an over-familiar origin story for a crime fighter � though at least it was her, and not her boyfriend the trauma motivated to fight crime.

FullHD1x1: Tattoo Titans Episode 1 Watch Online Free That's the really exciting thing about Top of the Lake. It loves crime mystery, but that doesn't mean it puts up with any of its bullshit. As a non-flashy, non-Hollywood turning point for detective TV, it's exploded the possibilities of where the genre, and its women, could go next. A triumph.